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Annunciators & Shutdown Controllers

RAA Series
Audio/Visual Remote Alarm Annunicator   
No. of Input Signals 4 (RAA4) or 8 (RAA8)
Enclosure ABS
Audible Alarm 68 dBa, Continuous Tone with Silence P/B
Visual Alarm Red LED, One Per Input
Power Requirement Requires a 120 VAC Power Outlet
Output Signal Dry Contact, C Shape (COM, NO or NC)
Installation Indoor Only
RAA4 Instruction Manual
RAA Spec Sheet
Remote Alarm Annunciator
ASC Series
Automatic Shutdown Controller
No. of Input Signals Up to 4
Available Output Signal 4 SPDT Relay (Dry Contacts)
Emergency Stop Inboard
System Reset Key Switch Acuated by Operator
Sudible Alarm 85 dba with Silence Button
Visual Alarm 4 Green LEDs and 1 Red LED
Installation Indoor/Outdoor
ASC Spec Sheet
ESS Series
Enclosure Mounted Emergency Stop Switches
ESS Spec Sheet
ESO Series
Recessed-Mounted Emergency Stop Switches
ESO Spec Sheet
ESO Instruction Manual
ESO Image