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Wall Outlets

BeaconMedæs wall outlets are designed specifically for high purity gases. Medical gas outlets no longer need to be used in laboratory applications.


Color coding ensures that each wall outlet is labelled for the exact gas service, whether it is a pure gas or a gas mixture. BeaconMedæs offers a wide variety of quick connect assemblies to prevent cross connections between gases.


The outlets are cleaned, tested and prepared for the indicated gas service and are built following National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Compressed Gas Association (CGA) guidelines.


Wall Outlet Series Instruction Manual

WOA Series
Wall Outlets for Analytical Applications
WOA Spec Sheet
WOI-O2 Series
Wall Outlets for Industrial Oxygen Service
WOI-02 Spec Sheet
WOI-C2H2 Series
Wall Outlets for Industrial Acetylene Service
WOI-C2H2 Spec Sheet
WOI-CA Series
Wall Outlets for Industrial Compressed Air
WOI-CA Spec Sheet
WOI-LPG Series
Wall Outlets for Industrial Liquefied Petroleum Gas Service
WOI-LPG Spec Sheet